The Ultimate Study Tool For A Level Maths Has Moved!

We don't want to force change on you too quickly though, so the old version of the platform will still be available to access for the time being using the URL at the bottom of this page.

Important Information for Monthly Subscribers

To gain access to the new version of the platform please follow the following instructions:

1.     Click here to go directly to the page where you will create your new monthly subscription on our upgraded platform (priced the same at £9.99 per month).

 2.     Click here to log into the old version of the platform and to cancel your subscription to the old platform. This ensures that you do not get charged twice.

 3.     Email [email protected] as soon as you have done this in order to get a refund for the unused part of the month for your subscription to the old platform (we don’t want you being out of pocket).

Important Information for One-Off Subscribers

Your account on the new platform has already been created. Please go to the new platform using the link below, perform a password reset using the "Forgot Your Password?" facility and this will allow you access for the remainder of your subscription period.

Click To Login To New Platform | Click To Login To Old Platform